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Keywords: stator cone ring, support ring, high strength insulating fastener, stator slot wedge, corrugated plate

The products have been successfully applied to 300MW grade, 600MW grade, 1000MW grade thermal power and nuclear power generating units, and the product has been in operation for 30 years.


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The centralized winding is applied to the salient pole stator, usually wound into a rectangular coil, wrapped and shaped with a warp tape, and then soaked in paint and dried before being embedded on the iron core of the salient pole. The excitation coil of general commutator type motors (including DC motors and general motors) and the main pole winding of single-phase shaded pole salient pole motors all use centralized windings.
A centralized winding usually has one coil per pole, but there are also cases where the form of a common pole (hidden pole) is used, such as a frame covered pole motor where one coil is used to form two poles.
The stator of a distributed winding motor does not have a convex pole palm, and each magnetic pole is composed of one or several coils embedded and wired according to a certain pattern to form a coil group. After being energized, different polarity magnetic poles are formed, so it is also known as the hidden pole type. According to the different arrangement forms of embedded wiring, distributed windings can be divided into two types: concentric and stacked.
(1) Concentric winding: A concentric winding is a group of coils with similar shapes but different sizes, embedded in the same central position into a zigzag shape. Concentric windings can form double or triple plane windings according to different wiring methods. This type of stator winding is commonly used for single-phase motors and some three-phase asynchronous motors with small power or large span coils.
(2) Stacked winding: Stacked winding is generally composed of coils of the same shape and size, with one or two coil edges embedded in each slot, and evenly distributed one by one at the outer end of the slot. Stacked winding can be divided into two types: single-layer stacked winding and double-layer stacked winding. A single-layer stacked winding, also known as a single-layer stacked winding, is embedded with only one coil edge in each slot; When two coils belonging to different coil groups are embedded in each slot, they are placed in the upper and lower layers of the slot, forming a double-layer stacked winding, also known as a double-layer stacked winding.
According to the changes in embedded wiring methods, stacked windings can also be derived into cross type, concentric cross type, and single double layer hybrid types. At present, the stator winding of three-phase asynchronous motors with larger power generally adopts double-layer stacked type; Small motors, on the other hand, often use derivatives of single-layer stacked windings, but rarely use single-layer stacked windings.

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