Sincere innovation and harmonious dedication

Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

The company adheres to the enterprise development strategy of "taking talents as the foundation, science and technology as the foundation, and market-oriented", adhering to the behavior concept of "sincerity, innovation, harmony and dedication", gathering talents from all over the world, down-to-earth, forge ahead and constantly surpass!

Corporate Culture

The company advocates a green, healthy and active lifestyle, strives to provide employees with a safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly working and living environment, establishes a comprehensive employee health care system, and provides employees with a variety of entertainment activities.

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Address of Marketing Department: 18E, Feizhou International Building, 899 Lingling Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Fax: 86-21-54245612
Headquarters Address: Zhaomin Green Industrial Park, Lusigang Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province

Fax: 86-513-83273600

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