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The company conducts training for train operators

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Oct 18,2017

In order to further enhance the company's special operation capabilities and the safety awareness of special operation personnel, according to the 2017 training plan, the company conducted safety training for crane operators in the production conference room on the first floor of the office building on October 18, 2017.

In order to further enhance the company's special operation capabilities and the safety awareness of special operation personnel, according to the 2017 training plan, the company conducted safety training for crane operators in the production conference room on the first floor of the office building on October 18, 2017.

This training is jointly promoted by the Equipment Support Department and EHS related leaders. Through training, train operators can operate in a standardized manner and become proficient in operational skills. At the same time, correct and effective emergency measures can be taken for various unexpected situations to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. The main content of the training mainly includes: the "Safety Management Measures for Crane Equipment" document, the "Ten Don'ts for Lifting" during driving, the regulations for using lifting tools, and precautions during operation.




During the training, the following content was emphasized and explained in detail:

(1) Overloading and using unqualified or damaged steel wire ropes are strictly prohibited;

(2) Select qualified lifting appliances according to standard requirements;

(3) Provide lifting protection at corners (especially for new molds);

(4) Operating procedures for driving safety:

① Train drivers must undergo training and examination, and hold an operation certificate before they can operate independently; Those who have not undergone specialized training, exams, and obtained certificates are not allowed to operate; ② Before driving, carefully check whether the mechanical and electrical parts of the equipment, as well as the protective and safety devices, are in good condition and reliable. If the main accessories such as controller brakes, limiters, electric bells, and emergency switches fail, lifting is strictly prohibited; ③ It is necessary to follow the command of the hook lifting personnel, but any emergency stop signal initiated by anyone should be stopped immediately; ④ The crane operator must receive a command signal before proceeding with the operation, and the bell should ring first when starting the crane; ⑤ When approaching the winch limiter, approaching the terminal of a large or small vehicle, or encountering adjacent traffic, the speed should be slow. It is not allowed to use reverse brakes instead of brakes, limit switches instead of parking, and emergency switches instead of ordinary switches; ⑥ During work breaks, lifting objects must not be suspended in the air. During operation, a warning bell should sound when there are people on the ground or when lifting objects are dropped. It is strictly prohibited to lift objects over people's heads. The lifted objects should not be too high off the ground; ⑦ When two cranes lift an object at the same time, they should follow the command and follow the same pace; ⑧ During operation, a certain distance should be maintained between the vehicle and the vehicle, and collisions are strictly prohibited; ⑨ For maintenance of the vehicle, it is necessary to stop at a safe location, cut off the power, and hang a warning sign "No Switching On". Fence should be set up on the ground and a "No Passage" sign should be hung When lifting heavy tonnage objects, they should first be slightly off the ground for trial lifting, confirm that the lifting is stable and the braking is good, then raise and slowly run. Do not operate three control handles simultaneously During the operation of the vehicle, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to get up or down, and it is also prohibited to carry out maintenance and adjustment of the machine parts during operation; Å If a sudden power outage occurs during movement, the switch handle must be placed in the "0" position. Do not leave if the lifting component is not lowered or the rigging is not unhooked; Å When a sudden malfunction during operation causes the lifting component to slide down, emergency measures must be taken to land in an unmanned area Adequate lighting should be provided for night work Pay attention to the presence of obstacles on the track while driving; When lifting tall objects that hinder visibility, dedicated personnel should be assigned on both sides to monitor and command them The crane operator must conscientiously adhere to the "ten no lifting" principle: do not lift objects with people standing on them or floating objects; Overload without lifting; If the light is dim and the signal cannot be seen clearly, do not lift if the weight is unknown; When hanging heavy objects on the crane for direct processing, do not lift them; The workpiece is buried underground without lifting; Do not lift the inclined workpiece; Do not lift angular objects without protective measures; Do not lift explosive materials such as oxygen cylinders and acetylene generators; Do not lift if the safety device fails; Violating command without hanging After completing the work, the crane must stop at the designated position, raise the hook, drive the trolley to both ends of the track, place the control handle in the "0" position, and cut off the power supply Conduct a monthly driving fastening inspection.

In addition, this batch of driving training includes exciting case studies and explanations; And the training assessment process for evaluating the effectiveness of this training after the course ends. The assessment is mainly reflected in the form of a written test, with a maximum score of 100 on the test paper and a passing score of 80. After passing the company's training, an internal "Driving Operation Qualification Certificate" will be issued.

Through this training, the safety awareness of driving operators has been improved, achieving good training objectives.

Personnel Administration Department

October 18, 2017

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